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Monday, September 24, 2012

Average Cost Calculator - Redefined

Hey there Fellow readers, After an interval I have some time to look into Trading calculators one of these days. Hence fresh improvements in my projects can be expected in coming weeks. First of such improvements goes in to Average Cost calculator, wherein I have made major overhaul in the code. So the changes may not be apparent. But the UI looks good , the code looks good so I feel much better. And I'm pretty confident that It could be made to a more robust application. Major changes was made to JS code to optimize and avoid redundancies. Data structures have been utilized to store contracts so that all the transactions can be viewed using The Trades button, which is a new addition to the previous version. Number of  Trade types have been increased to 4 where Day-Sell and Day-Buy options are included. User can opt to add brokerage to the first contract if the calculated average price is available. This is indeed the case most of the time since the average costs are included in the most portfolio statements. Await for further changes and improvements .Cheers.
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