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Sunday, July 18, 2010

How to install JDownloader in Ubuntu 9.10/10.04/10.10

JDownloader is open source, platform independent and written completely in Java. It simplifies downloading files from One-Click-Hosters like or – not only for users with a premium account but also for users who don’t pay. It offers downloading in multiple paralell streams, captcha recognition, automatical file extraction and much more. Of course, JDownloader is absolutely free of charge. Additionally, many “link encryption” sites are supported – so you just paste the “encrypted” links and JD does the rest. JDownloader can import CCF, RSDF and the new DLC files.

Install Jdownloader in Ubuntu 10.10/10.04/9.10

Open the terminal and run the following command

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jd-team/jdownloader
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install jdownloader

openSUSE 11.3 final released

Following several development milestones and two release candidates, the openSUSE Project developers have announced the arrival of the final version of openSUSE 11.3, the latest release of their popular Linux distribution. The 11.3 release includes a number of changes, package updates and new features over the previous 11.2 release from November of 2009.


Screenshot Tour

More details about the release can be found in the release notes, change log, and on the Product Highlights page. A start-up guide is also provided. openSUSE 11.3 is available to download for 32 and 64-bit x86 systems as a DVD or LiveCD image. Alternatively, users can purchase a boxed copy of openSUSE 11.3. openSUSE is released under the GPL Licence. The next major release of openSUSE, version 11.4, is scheduled to arrive in March of 2011.

GNOME 3: The Future of the Desktop

This September, a new desktop will be unveiled to the world in the form of GNOME 3. This desktop will change the way people view, work with, and think of the desktop. It's different, it's intuitive, and it follows the current evolution of what the desktop should be. But best of all, it's all about Linux.


The installation

Now for the rough part. Getting GNOME Shell installed and running isn’t easy and it doesn’t always work (no matter how well you follow the steps). My installation is done on a clean Ubuntu 10.4 distribution. The painless way to install is to follow these steps:

  1. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ricotz/testing
  2. sudo apt-get update
  3. sudo apt-get install gnome-shell

If you are lucky, once the installation is complete, you can hit <Alt>F2 and then type gnome-shell –replace. If you ARE lucky you will happily see GNOME Shell take the place of your current desktop. If you are not lucky, you will wind up with an error or two. If you are not lucky you will have to jump through some hoops – those hoops being:

  1. sudo apt-get install jhbuild
  2. wget
  3. bash
  4. jhbuild build

If this completes, try the gnome-shell –replace command again and cross your fingers. Hopefully by now you have a running GNOME Shell instance and can start to appreciate where the GNOME developers are heading.

Monday, July 12, 2010

scores100 : Solutions for Javabat : 29


Given an array of scores, return true if there are scores of 100 next to each other in the array. The array length will be at least 2.

scores100({1, 100, 100}) → true
scores100({1, 100, 99, 100}) → false
scores100({100, 1, 100, 100}) → true


public boolean scores100(int[] scores) {
  boolean b=false;
  for(int i=0; i<scores.length;i++){
     if(scores[i]==100 && i+1<scores.length && scores[i+1]==100)
  return b;

Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha 2 is out. what’s new?

On October 10th, 2010, Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) will become the thirteenth release of the Ubuntu operating system. of late Ubuntu team has released it’s second alpha to get a early look . Most notable additions are Linux kernel 2.6.35 with enhanced security , Btrfs file system , new Ubiquity (ubuntu installer)  and also  few UI changes , of course for it’s still in  alpha stage many more changes and renovations can be  expected in upcoming releases.

Release schedule

August 5th, 2010 - Alpha 3 release;
September 2nd, 2010 - Beta release;
September 30th, 2010 - Release Candidate;
October 10th, 2010 - Final release of Ubuntu 10.10.

Revamped Ubiquity



 Btrfs filesystem in Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha 2


Ubuntu Software Center has been updated to version 2.1.4


A notification about the current status of Canonical's Ubuntu One service has been implemented in Nautilus


Download Ubuntu 10.10 alpha 2 (32 bit | 64 bit)

Jarte – Free MS Word alternative with tabbed documents.


Jarte is yet another free word processor that is based on the Microsoft WordPad word processing engine built into Windows. It is a small, portable word processor whose documents are fully compatible with Word and WordPad. Jarte can work on windows xp, vista and windows 7. It provides a tabbed interface to provide easy access to open documents. Jarte can open files with file extension DOCX, if the free Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for 2007 files is installed. However, any changes made to the files need to be saved using file extension RTF or file extension DOC.

FeatursJarte Installer | Jarte Portable

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring

Mandriva Linux (formerly Mandrakelinux or Mandrake Linux) is a French Linux distribution distributed by Mandriva (formerly Mandrakesoft). It uses the RPM Package Manager.
The Spring version of the popular Mandriva Linux distribution is now available for download on mirrors worldwide.The final release comes in three editions: One Edition, Free Edition and Powerpack Edition. Mandriva Linux 2010.1 is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures, with GNOME and KDE4 LiveCDs.
One and Free editions are free to download and install. One Edition is a hybrid , being both  LiveCD and installer. comparison of Mandriva Editions.


Highlights of Mandriva Linux 2010.1:

· Linux kernel
· X.Org 7.5;
· Xorg Server 1.7.7;
· Nouveau video driver;
· ATI Radeon video driver 6.13;
· Intel video driver 2.11.0;
· Mesa 7.8.1;
· KDE SC 4.4.3;
· GNOME 2.30.1;
· GNOME-Shell 2.29.1;
· Mozilla Firefox 3.6.6;
· Oracle 3.2;
· Avant Window Navigator 4.0;
· Deluge 1.2.3;
· Transmission 1.92;
· Skrooge 0.7.0;
· Amarok 2.3.1;
· KTorrent 4.0;
· Digikam 1.3.0;
· kipi-plugins 1.3.0;

Mandriva Linux 2010.1 "Spring" offers hot features, such as Guest account, a new installation method and improved Mandriva Directory Server. It also comes with some bleeding-edge applications, like Mozilla Firefox 3.6.6 or 3.2. The popular Opera and Chromium web browsers are available from the included software repositories.

Feature Guide

Download Mandriva Linux torrents : One Edition | Free Edition

SpeedDial : enables speed dial feature in firefox.

Even though my default browser is firefox I  use Opera and chrome simultaneously. Opera and chrome have  this awesome feature that when we open a new tab it comes up with a page which has several thumbnails providing easy access to web pages. Whereas firfox lacks this  feature by default and hope that they add it soon instead of opening a blank tab when we click a new tab icon or menu item.

SpeedDial is an Add-On designed specifically for this purpose. having it installed user is able to access thumbnail view of their favorites instantly without digging for bookmarks.


Speed Dial will be automatically loaded in blank new windows. It can also load in blank new tabs. To configure this, and other options, use the extension settings panel.


users can set speed dial tab as their home page and create several speed dial tabs.


Install SpeedDial

GnoMenu : consolidated menu for gnome

GnoMenu - A consolidated menu for gnome that brings eye candy to the world of the Gnome menu's. Fully functional menu , supports themes , for a composited or non composited desktop. It can emulate the look and feel of the most beautiful menus of most modern desktops, and it can also use custom menus, due to its powerful theme XML engine. GnoMenu currently supports Gnome-Panel, Avant-Window-Navigator, Cairo-Dock, Docky, XfApplet, Kde Plasma and in the system tray.



Add repository , update the packages list and install  GnomeMenu using following commands.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnomenu-team/ppa && sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install gnomenu

Saturday, July 10, 2010

GIMP 2.6.10 stability update , major bug fixed.

Less than one week after the release of version 2.6.9 of GIMP , It’s dev team has released a update due to a major bug , which crashed GIMP when user clicks on a scroll bar from a combo box. so essentially this version doesn’t bring user any new features.   meanwhile GIMP 2.7.1 is running on it’s beta stage with ample of improvements.

More details about the release, including a list of bug fixes, can be found in the change log. GIMP 2.6.10 is available to download from one of the project's mirrors.

Google Chrome 6.0.458.1 has been released in dev channel.

Latest dev channel build for world’s fastest browser has been released for Windows , Linux and Mac OS platforms. with several bug fixes. note that this is a developers channel release hence chrome can be unstable at times. I shall wait for the beta at least.

7-9-2010 7-28-44 PM

Issues fixed in Google Chrome 6.0.458.1 dev:

· The InfoBar is no longer shown when the user first submits a form;
· AutoFill now continuously updates profile data when the user submits new forms. Profile data is now aggregated and the AutoFill InfoBar has been removed, in order to achieve this;
· When editing a field in a previously auto-filled form, Chrome now only displays unique suggestions;
· Enabling sync no longer freezes Chromium;
· Chrome now starts if other FFmpeg DLLs are present on the system - Windows specific.

Install Google chrome.

Friday, July 9, 2010

scoresIncreasing: Solutions for Javabat:27


Given an array of scores, return true if each score is equal or greater than the one before. The array will be length 2 or more.

scoresIncreasing({1, 3, 4}) → true
scoresIncreasing({1, 3, 2}) → false
scoresIncreasing({1, 1, 4}) → true


public boolean scoresIncreasing(int[] scores) {
  boolean b=false;
  for(int i=1; i<scores.length;i++){
  return b;

Poyozo : automatic, personal diary system for firefox.

Poyozo gives you your own data back by downloading the information you're currently giving to the web on to your own computer. You can opt-in to importing your data from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare,, Google Calendar, any email service, any RSS feed, Flickr, Wesabe, Listit, Skydeck, Dopplr, your Firefox browsing history, the local weather, and your location, allowing you to access all of this personal data as easily as the companies that run these services can.


Poyozo provides simple, helpful interfaces to display your data. Quickly glance over your activities, or find all the tweets and emails you sent about a specific topic. Get real statistics on your web browsing, spending, or club hopping, and better understand how it all relates to each other. And it's all hosted on YOUR computer, so there's no chance we can use it for evil or marketing!

Install for firefox.

Ad-Aware 8.1 released with genotype detection .

Lavasoft has recently updated its security batch of products to a new version. And this year the company upped the ante including their full antivirus in the free version and creating a full blown protection suite to encompass not only Lavasoft’s best services, but also something on the side. Although there is no longer a Plus version of the application, there are still three editions available.


What's new in Ad-Aware 8.1.0:

· Genotype detection technology allows Ad-Aware to stay one step ahead of the latest      threats by finding and blocking emerging forms of malware that have not yet been released.
· Behavior-based heuristics methodology pinpoints the newest and most relevant forms of malware for today's computer user.
· Rootkit removal systems protect against hidden threats and stealth attacks.
· Simple Mode/Advanced Mode to cater to the users' varying needs.
· Download Guard scans files downloaded via Internet Explorer.
· Lavasoft ThreatWork Alliance forms a global community defense against the latest and most relevant threats.
· Do Not Disturb Mode to keep interruptions and strain on resources to a minimum for online gamers and entertainment enthusiasts.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Firefox 4 beta 1 officially released. get an early look now.

Firefox 4 Beta 1 is now ready to download and test! This first version gives an early look at what’s planned for Firefox 4. Stay tuned, because there is more to come and we plan to release new beta versions every two to three weeks. Your feedback is essential to help shape the product which is why we’re launching now to hear from you early in our development process.

Mozilla Blog


♣ Top 10 Crime Movies – part 1 ♣

A crime film, in the most general sense, is a film that involves various aspects crime and the criminal justice system. Stylistically, it can fall under many different genres, most commonly drama film, thriller film, mystery film, action film and film noir. Films focused on the Mafia are a typical example of crime films


Following list includes the best of the crime movies in recent movie history, Crime movies are always an excitement to watch . with the promises of suspense , thrill those movies bring forward to us. Most of the crime movies listed below are Mob/Gangster movies , quite literally involved with a mob family/boss rise and fall. and stories , brilliant manifestations of Revenge , desperation , remorse. Enjoy and your suggestions of movies will be warmly welcomed.

10. The Boondock saints (1998)


The "Boondock Saints" are two working-class brothers of Irish descent living in Boston, Connor (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Murphy McManus (Norman Reedus). Though they at first seem to be laid-back, lovable pranksters, the brothers have a strong sense of right and wrong and won't back down in a fight. An FBI agent (Willem Dafoe) becomes involved when the brothers start leaving bodies behind them, though he quickly comes to like the criminals he's tracking. With the incompetant help of their bumbling friend Rocco (David Della Rocco) (who also works as an errand-boy for the mob), the brothers begin targeting the "evil men" of Boston, eventually getting help from the mysterious "Il Duce" (Billy Connolly), who has secrets of his own regarding the brothers.

Official | IMDB | Rotan Tomatoes | Trailer

9. Salinui Chueok (2003)  [Memories of Murder]


In 1986, in the province of Gyunggi, in South Korea, a second young and beautiful woman is found dead, raped and tied and gagged with her underwear. Detective Park Doo-Man and Detective Cho Yong-koo, two brutal and stupid local detectives without any technique, investigate the murder using brutality and torturing the suspects, without any practical result. The Detective Seo Tae-Yoon from Seul comes to the country to help the investigations and is convinced that a serial-killer is killing the women. When a third woman is found dead in the same "modus-operandi", the detectives find leads of the assassin.

Official site | IMDB | Trailer

8. American History X (1998)


American History X tells the story of Derek Vinyard, brilliantly played by Edward Norton. Derek is an active neo-Nazi skinhead and became one after the death of his police officer father. Derek is sent to prison where he realizes how wrong he has been. However, he returns home to discover that, in his absence, his younger brother Danny has followed closely in his racist footsteps. Derek works to help his brother see the error of his ways and the movie ends with one of the most shocking twists in recent cinema.

Official site | IMDB | Rotan Tomatoes | Trailer

7. Heat (1995)


Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, and Val Kilmer star in one of the great cop thrillers of the '90s. Neil McCauley (DeNiro) is a veteran thief operating with crew members Chris Shiherlis (Kilmer) and ex-convict Michael Cheritto (Tom Sizemore). When his group botches the robbery of an armored car -- resulting in the death of three police officers -- Detective Vincent Hanna (Pacino) is assigned to investigate. Each of the main characters struggles to balance the demands of their profession with their personal lives, providing non-stop suspense and a memorable ending. Also appearing in the picture are Jon Voight, Diane Venora, and Natalie Portman.

IMDB | Rotten Tomatoes | Trailer

6. Once upon a time in America (1984)


“Noodles" Aaronson (Robert De Niro) hides in an opium den remembering 1921. Young Noodles (Scott Tiler) lived in a poor Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn with "Patsy" Goldberg (Brian Bloom), "Cockeye" Stein (Adrian Curran), and Dominic (Noah Mozezi. They formed a gang with Max Bercovitz (Rusty Jacobs) and stashed their ill-gotten funds in a bus locker. Bugsy (James Russo) shot Dominic so Noodles killed Bugsy and was sent to prison. Noodles is released in 1933 to rejoin Max (James Woods), Patsy (James Hayden), and Cockeye (William Forsythe) who are now bootleggers. Joe (Burt Young) and Frankie (Joe Pesci) Minaldi want them to steal some diamonds. After the violent heist Joe is gunned down by Max on Frankie’s orders. Max then draws the gang deeper into the Minaldi’s Mafia rackets and politics and proposes a suicidal job. Noodles betrays the plan to the cops to save their lives but Max, Patsy, and Cockeye are all killed. At the bus locker Noodles discovers the money has been replaced with newspaper. Next it is 1968 and Noodles is back in New York at the bus locker once again. He finds the suitcase now filled with money, payment for one last job.

IMDB | Trailer


♣ Top 10 Crime movies – part 2 ♣

5. The Departed (2006)


Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson) heads a local organised crime unit in Boston. In order to gain inside information about the police actions, he infiltrates a few of his trusted comrades into the police force through police academy. One of them is Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon) who quickly rises to powerful position in police force with his wit. On the other hand, the police chief Oliver Queenan (Martin Sheen) has played the same game on Costello by putting one of his shrewd officer, Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio), in the gang. Billy gains the confidence of Costello and soon becomes his left hand. Both Billy and Colin live a dangerous life gathering and transferring the information about plans of the agency they penetrated. Soon it becomes clear to both the parties that there is a mole amongst them. This leads to a cat-and-mouse game where both the groups desperately seek to identify the mole amongst them, leading to ample bloodshed.

Official | IMDB | Rotten Tomatoes | Trailer

4. No Country for Old men (2007)


No Country for Old Men follows Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) after he stumbles upon a murder scene and a briefcase full of cash while hunting in the Texas desert. He finds several dead Mexicans after what looks like a drug deal gone bad, takes the money and runs. While at the crime scene he finds one Mexican who badly injured and is asking for water. Moss leaves the man to die, but later is overcome with guilt and goes back with water. The Mexican is dead and Moss is spotted by the people who have financed the drug deal. To get their money back they send a ruthless killer to find him. Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem) will stop at nothing to find him. The local sheriff, Ed Tom Bell (Tommy Lee Jones) knows that Moss is not really a criminal and tries to find him before Chigurh kills him. Chigurh follows Moss across Texas, into Mexico and back into Texas, killing everyone who gets in his way.

Official | IMDB | Rotten Tomatoes | Trailer

3. The Usual Suspects (1995)


"The Usual Suspects" stars Kevin Spacey as Roger "Verbal" Kint. The plot revolves around his alleged involvement in a crime, and he spends most of this suspense film explaining to the police his side of the story. He tells an elaborate story of a crime heist gone wrong, where each of his four fellow partners ended up dead. He elaborates on how he initially got involved, the gist of the robbery, and how there was a super-criminal named Keyser Soze who apparently responsible for murdering Kint's partners. The main part of the movie is the visual depiction of Kint's story, but the visual depiction is perhaps hearsay and therefore leads the viewer to wonder how truthful Verbal's story really is. Whether Kint is telling the truth or not is another matter altogether.

IMDB | Rotten Tomatoes | Trailer

2. Pulp Fiction (1994)


"Pulp Fiction" is actually composed of several "pulp fictions," lurid, overlapping stories that take place in Los Angeles.  Like many of the stories in "Pulp Fiction," this is as much about the characters' conversations as it is about plot: here, this means cheeseburgers and foot massages. Another story concerns Vincent Vega, whom Marcellus has asked to entertain his wife, Mia (Uma Thurman) while he's out of town. They have a great time, but the evening takes a turn for the worst when Mia overdoses on heroin she finds in Vincent's jacket, and he has to save her life so his boss won't take his. In another story, a boxer, Butch (Bruce Willis), whom Marcellus has paid to fix a fight double crosses the mobster, and must escape L. A. However, first he must reclaim a wrist watch belonging to his dead father and inadvertently left behind by his girlfriend. His attempt to do so leads to confrontations with Vincent Vega, Marcellus Wallace, and a gang of pawnshop hillbillies. The final story takes place after Vincent and Jules leave the Wolf. At a diner, Jules confesses that he's recently decided to give up all mobster activities: instead, he'll walk the earth. He also explains why he doesn't eat bacon. Unfortunately, Jules faces a final test, as two criminal lovebirds, Pumpkin and Honey Bunny (Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer) attempt to rob the diner, and he must convince them not to take Marcellus' briefcase without having to kill them.

IMDB | Rotten Tomatoes | Trailer

1. Seven (1995)


A morbidly obese man is found dead of internal hemorrhages after being force-fed copious amounts of food, and soon police realize that a twisted serial killer is at work. Se7en follows two police detectives as they investigate a series of murders that seem to be inspired by the the seven deadly sins. Jaded and experienced Detective Somerset (Morgan Freeman) is nearing retirement and has been partnered with the young, idealistic and brash Detective Mills (Brad Pitt) for this case. As they follow the unnerving and frightening trail of this strange serial killer, the two detectives must confront the urban decay and apathy of a bleak city and each other over their differences in philosophy and policing style.

Official | IMDB | Rotten Tomatoes | Trailer

Extra :

Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer (2006)


 Based on Patrick Suskind's masterpiece "Perfume", "Perfume: the Story of a Murderer" tells the unusually smelly life of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille (Ben Whishaw) in 18th century France. Orphaned, then systematically rejected because of his lack of smell, Grenouille slowly realizes his unique talent: he can smell things no one else can and intend to rule using this gift. Sadly he is distracted by the powerfully delightful scent of young girls which he ends up killing. His life takes him across France in search of ways of preserving scents and when he is finally ready to capture the scent of the most beautiful girl in the land, he prepares methodically his killing bouquet. Grenouille, a most talented perfumer, manufactures a perfume for himself based on the killed women scents and ends up killed, in a frenzy of too much love.

Official | IMDB | Trailer

Honorable mention:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cairo-Dock : Best application launcher for linux

Cairo-Dock is a unified interface to your desktop : it provides a dock, a taskbar, and many applets that can be placed either inside the dock or on your desktop, at your convenience ! It uses Cairo / OpenGL to render nice graphics with hardware acceleration, which makes it very smooth and low on CPU. It's highly customisable and comes with a lot of ready-to-use themes.



(Click on thumbs to view full size images.)

Installation  is easy , select your distribution and install off respective repositories. if your distro is not listed here you can compile from the source of course. after the installation users can add items easily. cairo-dock official web provides a post installation guide which can be found here.



Best Integrated development environments (IDEs) for Python.

1. Eric Python IDE


Eric is a full featured Python and Ruby editor and IDE, written in python. It is based on the cross platform Qt gui toolkit, integrating the highly flexible Scintilla editor control. It is designed to be usable as everdays' quick and dirty editor as well as being usable as a professional project management tool integrating many advanced features Python offers the professional coder. eric4 includes a plugin system, which allows easy extension of the IDE functionality with plugins downloadable from the net.

2. Komdo Edit


Komodo Edit is a free text editor for dynamic programming languages introduced in January 2007. With the release of version 4.3, Komodo Edit is built on top of the Open Komodo project.Komodo Edit inherits many features of Komodo IDE, like the full range of supported languages (Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl) and platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows ). And like Komodo IDE, Komodo Edit also supports browser-side languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and XML.It was developed for programmers who need a multi-language editor with broad functionality, but not the features of an IDE, like debugging, DOM viewer, interactive shells, and source code control integration.

3. MonoDevelop


MonoDevelop is an open source integrated development environment for the Linux platform, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows, primarily targeted for the development of software that uses both the Mono and Microsoft .NET framework. MonoDevelop integrates features similar to that of NetBeans and Microsoft's Visual Studio such as automatic completion, source control integration, and an integrated GUI and Web designer. MonoDevelop integrates a Gtk# GUI designer called Stetic. It currently has language support for C#, Java, Boo, Visual Basic.NET, Oxygene, CIL, Python, Vala, C and C++.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Parted Magic OS: a linux distro specifically for partitioning tasks.

Parted Magic is a business-card operating system based on Slackware Linux, with programs that allow you to partition hard disks with ease. Programs like Partition Image, TestDisk, fdisk, sfdisk, dd, ddrescue, and a good documentation will help you in your partitioning tasks. Parted Magic is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).





  • Format internal and external hard drives.
  • Move, copy, create, delete, expand & shrink hard drive partitions.
  • Clone your hard drive, to create a full backup.
  • Test hard drives for impending failure.
  • Test memory for bad sectors.
  • Benchmark your computer for a performace rating.
  • Securely erase your entire hard drive, wiping it clean from all data.
  • Gives access to non-booting systems allowing you to rescue important data.
  • Runs from the CD, no install required.

Patrick Verner (the creator of part magic) announced on June 14th the immediate availability of a new version of his popular Parted Magic operating system. Parted Magic 4.11 comes now with Linux kernel, Partclone 2.3, and many other updated packages, as well as some bug fixes and improvements. Parted Magic is an operating system created to help users easily partition their hard drives or perform various recovery tasks.

Download Part Magic 4.11

Desktop Earth : set a rotating earth as your desktop wallpaper (Windows)

Desktop Earth is a wallpaper generator. It will generate a high-resolution, accurate representation of the Earth. The imagery is based on NASA's Blue Marble Next and Earth's City Lights. It is a small system tray utility that will automate the process of downloading snapshots of the Earth from NASA, complete with snow, cloud cover, and a host of other configuration options.




Desktop Earth will sit in your systray, run whenever you are  logged on, and continuously update your wallpaper with an accurate representation of the Earth. There is no limit on the resolution, and the imagery is calculated from high-resolution 2560x1280 textures, so you can go wild with it even on 30" flat panel displays. Multi-monitor configurations are also supported.

DesktopEarthSetup.msi (6 MB)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Gambas Almost Means BASIC. BASIC for linux users.

Gambas is a free development environment based on a Basic interpreter with object extensions, a bit like Visual Basic™ (but it is NOT a clone !). With Gambas, you can quickly design your program GUI with QT or GTK+, access MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, ODBC and SQLite databases, pilot KDE applications with DCOP, translate your program into any language, create network applications easily, make 3D OpenGL applications, make CGI web applications, and so on...


Gambas is made up of the following programs:

  • A compiler.
  • An interpreter.
  • An archiver.
  • A graphical user interface component.
  • A development environment.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 beta is available to download.

Firefox 4 is perhaps the most eagerly awaited version of Firefox till date. which is scheduled to release around the end of this year with impressive UI and performance enhancements including mozilla’s new revamped Javascript engine. beta releases are available to download in mozilla’s directory of nightly builds for Windows , linux and OS X in both x86 and x64 systems.



(The new tabs-on-top  UI is not available for linux yet)

Rumor  has it that  Firefox 4.0 Beta is very much faster compared to the latest stable release and It is around 30% faster than Firefox 3.6.6. However, this is still not even nearly as fast as browsers like Opera and Google Chrome and also  that Firefox 4.0 has a much faster JavaScript engine than Firefox 3.6.6.

It completely outshines Firefox 3.6.6 in every way but memory consumption. As this is only a beta, I expect this to get fixed. The new tab on top interface is still not available in Linux yet, but hope that it will be available before long.

Download Firefox 4.0 beta  for Windows ( 32 bit | 64 bit)

Download Firefox 4.0 beta  for Linux ( 32 bit | 64 bit)   (Installation guide)

Download Firefox 4.0 beta  for Mac OS ( 32 bit | 64 bit)

Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE)

FEBE allows you to quickly and easily backup your Firefox extensions.  In fact, it goes beyond just backing up -- It will actually rebuild your extensions individually into installable .xpi files.  so that you can easily synchronize your office and home browsers.


FEBE  backs up and restores your extensions, themes, and (optionally) your bookmarks, preferences, cookies. and much more.A "Full profile" backup includes everything contained in your Firefox profile.  It is all or nothing and cannot be selectively restored (at least not easily).  A restored profile will look exactly the same as when the backup was performed.


Backup as little or as much of your Firefox environment as you wish.  Perform backups on demand or schedule daily, weekly, or monthly unattended runs.  Sequential backups can be stored in timestamped directories so you can restore back as far as you like.


You may specify "User-defined" items to have FEBE backup Thunderbird, Greasemonkey scripts, or virtually any data on your computer - Firefox related or not.

Install FEBE Add-On

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