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Sunday, July 11, 2010

SpeedDial : enables speed dial feature in firefox.

Even though my default browser is firefox I  use Opera and chrome simultaneously. Opera and chrome have  this awesome feature that when we open a new tab it comes up with a page which has several thumbnails providing easy access to web pages. Whereas firfox lacks this  feature by default and hope that they add it soon instead of opening a blank tab when we click a new tab icon or menu item.

SpeedDial is an Add-On designed specifically for this purpose. having it installed user is able to access thumbnail view of their favorites instantly without digging for bookmarks.


Speed Dial will be automatically loaded in blank new windows. It can also load in blank new tabs. To configure this, and other options, use the extension settings panel.


users can set speed dial tab as their home page and create several speed dial tabs.


Install SpeedDial

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