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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Google Chrome 6.0.458.1 has been released in dev channel.

Latest dev channel build for world’s fastest browser has been released for Windows , Linux and Mac OS platforms. with several bug fixes. note that this is a developers channel release hence chrome can be unstable at times. I shall wait for the beta at least.

7-9-2010 7-28-44 PM

Issues fixed in Google Chrome 6.0.458.1 dev:

· The InfoBar is no longer shown when the user first submits a form;
· AutoFill now continuously updates profile data when the user submits new forms. Profile data is now aggregated and the AutoFill InfoBar has been removed, in order to achieve this;
· When editing a field in a previously auto-filled form, Chrome now only displays unique suggestions;
· Enabling sync no longer freezes Chromium;
· Chrome now starts if other FFmpeg DLLs are present on the system - Windows specific.

Install Google chrome.

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