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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Novo Builder: Build your own Ubuntu-based distro.

Novo Builder is a simple Debian GNU Linux Operating System building tool, it is created to allow anyone with the time and interest in designing their own fully customized OS without having to spend a long time learning all the methods and tricks involved in getting a fully functional and installable OS.
You don’t have to learn all the codes or any of the technical process. With a few mouse clicks and a long waiting time, you can quickly create your very own OS

The purpose of Novo Builder is to allow the creation of a Debian GNU Linux based on Pre-sets and optional Tweaks/Settings you place in the available sections. Some of the main features of the builder are:
  • 1 Click Selection of your Pre-sets/Projects.
  • 1 Click Build all or manual steps.
  • GUI or file/folder manipulation of your projects build process.
  • Load existing Built Projects and update the OS/Packages

Novo Builder has a simple and completely open approach to making and sharing your Pre-sets between projects or with others across the world. Using the automated methods your Customizations will be easily reproduced and error free every build, with no forgotten steps.

Download the installation installer , Extract the tar file and double click the script to run it. When prompted, select “Run in Terminal“. The installation will take quite some time, depending on your Internet speed. In some situation, the script might not works well. When this occurs, you can use the command to install Novo Builder:

sudo apt-get install novo-builder novo-preset-lastos

Note: Before you start, please be forewarned that the building of the OS can take up to 40Gb of hard disk space. Make sure that you have sufficient space before you start.
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