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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Screenlets – Desktop gadgets for linux.

In windows desktop we have  desktop gadgets and a sidebar which acts as a widgets container. similarily Screenlets is the name of both gadgets and the gadget engine which runs with compiz fusion on linux.



If you are using ubuntu just open up Synaptic package manager (System->Administration) and search for “screenlets”. It is already in ubuntu repositery. there is no need to add sources.
or  using the command line run the following command .

sudo apt-get remove --purge screenlets

For other linux the screenlets Compressed Archive and extract it and install it using following commands.

tar -xzf thedownloadedfile.tar.gz

cd screenlets

sudo python install

After the installation you can add screenlets to the desktop using Screenlet manager . Applications –> Accesories –> Scrrenlets. just  click on the desired screenlet and press Launch/Add on the left panel of Screenlet manager. after the addition you can configure screenlets individually by clicking the small icon on the upper right corner of it. to load the selected screenlet at the startup just check Auto Start on login option on the lower left corner of the window.


By pressing Get more screenlets button will direct you to the screenlets web site to browse for more screenlets,  To install new screenlets download the archive ,  press Install on the left panel browse to the screenlet archive. for more information refer to the FAQ.

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