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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Java 4-ever : Trailer for Javazone

JavaZone is Scandinavia's biggest meeting place for software developers, and one of Europe's most important. JavaZone has been described as a high-quality, independent conference, and is a forum for knowledge exchange,
The 2010 Program, which will be held in Oslo, Norway from September 8 to 9 and estimates over 2,000 attendees, is the ninth consecutive meeting since non-profit organizer javaBin was established in 1996.

JavaZone released the full teaser for the mock film Java 4-ever, about a young man who can no longer hide his suppressed love for Java from his orthodox .NET-loving family. Cue dramatic trailer tropes (the good ol’ father-dropping-to-knees-in-utter-shock-upon-discovering-son’s-secret always gets me), heart-rending music that never fails, and intense Norwegian thespians, and I’m sold.

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