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Thursday, June 3, 2010

How to play mkv (matroska) files in Windows media player

Matroska is a popular file container format among  Rippers for it’s smaller size. which can be played using third party Media players like KMPlayer , GOM Player or VLC etc.
But I rest assured none of those players renders better video quality than Good old Windows Media player. or any other Directshow player for that matter and WMP is more stable and can be relied upon. below screenshot shows four players showing the same scene of a movie. Difference is apparent.


upperleft – KMPlayer , UpperRight – Media player classic , Lower left – VLC , and we have Windows media player on  lower right.

By default WMP can’t play mkv becuase windows doesn’t provide neccesary codecs to decode mkv files and play them. So user must install those codecs. Which is a easy task. install K-Lite Codec pack on your system. It’s available in six different editions but the Basic package will be sufficient.

when installing K-Lite you’ll be prompted to choose components , leaves those settings as they are  and click next to contiue installation.


In “Select Additional tasks window” choose file association for Windows media player. Media player classic also comes with the codec pack .


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