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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Best Media Players for Windows OS

What is the best Media player out there? Asking this question would be given an answer based on personal preferences or a subjective answer based on what is most popular media player. I tried to find answer for this question myself and choose to rank players according to editor’s rating in . Following list consist of media players ordered so. Had I sorted this list as most popular media players It would have been a different one. cause popularity simply comes from the number of downloads.
Media players available to download  out there are developed using various media frameworks , programming languages so there features may differ from each other .

5. BS.Player


Review/Download BS Player latest version

4. GOM Player


Review/Download GOM Player latest version

3. VLC Media Player


Review/Download VLC Player latest version

2. RealPlayer SP


Review/Download Real Player SP latest version

1. The KMPlayer


                                 Review/Download The KMPlayer latest version

Out of the media players I have used KMPlayer is the least  glitchy player I came across it handles the subtitles well Audio quality is good. And it does not give me following dialogs at all.

vlc error


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