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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sudoku puzzle solver | Update

Previous release

Eventually I made it more robust against various testing , mostly in input validation , Input validation for a given input is done on the fly using a common KeyEvent Listener, there were alot to consider apart from the basic sudoku rules , for an example in the previous release program didn't check for invalid inputs until user presses the Solve button , this overloaded the amount of work to be done after the it's Action event handler method, 

Another snag was , user enters a number and moves on to another cells to enter numbers , after entering all the values he would return to this particular cell and change the existing value or delete it.  Thus the snag arises that even after the deletion program had made such way that It wouldn't allow that deleted number again to be entered in the current row , column or box set. Eventually these issues were resolved , only a single digit  is allowed to be entered into a cell and of course inputs are checked according to the game rules.

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