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Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to Upload MP3s to Youtube

Ever wanted to upload a MP3 file to a Youtube but would not want to bother creating a video , Mp32tube comes to the rescue, It is a web service which allows users to upload a mp3 to youtube by just providing the mp3 file and a image file. And enables you to download the video off mp32tube.

With you can convert your mp3s to, export mp3 to flv, convert mp3 files to flv files, upload mp3 files to youtube.
You just have to click on the Upload mp3 to youtube button and the selected mp3 will be converted into a video with the background of your choice.
MP32Tube is a revolutionary new service aiming to make direct mp3 uploads to youtube possible !
It integrates the Youtube API so upload can be done directly to your Youtube account 

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