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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Easily configure a web server (PHP/MySql) with XAMPP

XAMPP, by Apache Friends, is known as an installable Apache distribution, containing everything you need to get a server up and running on your own PC. Essentially, this package includes several applications and services all bundled together for fast and easy configuration, such as Apache, MySQL, PHP, OpenSSL, FileZilla FTP server, and more. This web server kit has recently reached version 1.8 and comes loaded with various improvements and fixes as well as preliminary support for Mac OS X and Solaris.

XAMPP shall be of particular use to BIT second semester students as well , since Database systems I requires students to practice bunch of SQL queries , MySQL is the choice of DBMS since ORACLE is kind heavyweight and a commercial DBMS. Using XAMPP it's easy to set up and configure MySQL instances on your local computer. I myself using XAMPP to practice queries for this subject. I have found it a lightweight , hassle free solution. hence I hereby recommend anyone to try XAMPP bundle without hesitation. It's easy to use. Once installed you can use phpMyAdmin to setup database or use the window command prompt or linux terminal to run DML/DDL queries. in window simple add "C:\xampp\mysql\bin" to your PATH variable and you are good to go.

Run XAMPP contol panel and start MySQL service.

Make sure to create a password for the user root as follows

Open the command prompt (cmd) Login to mysql terminal using root

mysql -u root

change the password using the following query

update user set password=PASSWORD("NEW_PASSWORD_HERE") where User='root';

Download XAMPP  ( Note: If you are using Windows XP , make sure to  choose version 1.8.2)
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