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Saturday, March 29, 2014

BIT Semester 02 -Recommended Readings - Ebooks - Download

It was without a doubt a cumbersome task to find the Electronic versions of recommended books for BIT UCSC Semester 01 but it was harder to find semester 02 ones, hence I thought of sharing what I have found for the benefit of fellow students who following BIT in UCSC. I haven't been able to find all the books recommended by UCSC , but I'll update the list once I have found others on due course. 

I have included following E Books in the shared folder (link below), Please share this post among fellow students and keep in touch with the blog for I shall upload other E books as soon as I found them.

+------------------------------------------------------ Upload log----------------------------------------------------------+
05 April 2014 : Uploaded "Systems Analysis and Design Methods by Jeffrey L. Whitten and Lonnie D. Bentley."

01 June 2014 : Uploaded "Java: The Complete Reference Book by Herbert Schildt"

15 June 2014: Uploaded  "Computer Program Design by Elizabeth A. Dickson, Tata McGraw-Hill Edition 2002"

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