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Sunday, June 23, 2013

JStockCharts Update: Combined series chart has been added to Comparable Counters.

Your user friendly charting application has just been updated with a new chart type, It's not an Indicator type but an extremely useful type to render. This chart type is just for the Counter comparison tool and only available therein. Users can select different counters ,select the chart type ( Line(Combined)) for a specific period and press draw button, actually you don't need to select the orientation options for the frame has only one pre configured layout.  
                    Once rendered users are able to view WAP price movements of selected shares for the given period in one plot. Now this is immensely come in handy when you want to compare counters in the same sector , for an example , in the above screenshot I have selected 03 popular banking shares to compare. As always suggestions are welcome to improve this chart type and also make Counter comparison tool more efficient.

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