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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Windows Media Player Plus!

Windows media player plus is a free plug-in for Windows media player , not another Player as the post title implies ;-). It adds various user interface and media playback enhancements .There are a bunch of enhancements of WMP plus .  for an example user can disable group headers in the Library Pane. (below two images)



.. and after. The group headers have been disabled, and Windows Media Player now displays a continuous list of library items, just like in Windows Media Player 10.

Other enhancements available in WMP plus!

  • Tag Editor Plus: an alternative for Windows Media Player's Advanced Tag Editor (screenshot). Tag Editor Plus works on Windows Media Player 12 too, where the original Advanced Tag Editor has been removed.
  • Real 'find as you type' in the library: you can simply start typing to search, without having to click on the Search field first
  • Access the standard Explorer right-click menu of a media file directly from within Windows Media Player (screenshot).
  • Restore last active playlist, media item, and playback position at Windows Media Player startup.
  • Show currently playing media in Windows Media Player's title bar (screenshot).
  • Enhanced and configurable replacement of the Windows Live Messenger Music plug-in (What I'm Listening To) (screenshot).
  • Access the properties/settings of any Windows Media Player plug-in from within the main menu (Tools - Plug-in properties), without having to go to Options first (screenshot).
  • Quickly re-enable all plug-ins after a Windows Media Player crash (screenshot).

With WMP plus installed WMP can be a better alternative for popular music players software like WinAmp , ITunes.

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