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Friday, June 11, 2010

Firefox Cup Personas : Mozilla Kicks Off the Firefox Cup with 32 Country Personas

Now that the 2010 FIFA World Cup is just one day away, football fans from the world over are getting ready to celebrate and are supporting their teams however they can. Anyone can sport a team's official T-shirt, but now fans can show their allegiance in their browser as well.
Mozilla has introduced 32 Persona themes for each of 32 countries who play at the tournament. 


What's more, Mozilla is also holding a world cup of its own, by encouraging fans to compete with each other – the country with the most Firefox cup Personas installed gets crowned as a champion in about a month's time. Head over to  Firefox cup website for more can easily see how many “fans” each team has (i.e., how many people are wearing each team Persona on their Firefox). The team with the most fans will win the Firefox Cup!


Current Top 3 of Firefox cup. Install Footiefox Add-on to get latest scores of the Firefox cup.


The winning country will be showcased on Mozilla’s sites and more, so be sure to cast your vote by wearing your favorite country’s Persona today. Grab your personas and make your country win ,hurry up.

source: Mozilla Blog

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