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Monday, May 3, 2010

X10 Mini supports multi-touch

After a month long debate finally being rested, with Sony Ericsson reconfirming that multi-touch indeed is not supported on the Xperia X10, it seems the action has now shifted to another device, the X10 mini.
After a research done by se-blog . They have managed to contact Synaptics, who are a supplier of touchscreen technologies and learned that the X10 mini sports a ClearPad 2000 solution, which means it supports dual touch, which is the basic form of multi-touch. It may not be available out of the box due to the device launching with Android 1.6 onboard, but it’ll certainly be enabled once the Android OS is updated.
Strangely, Synaptics is the supplier for only the X10 mini and not the X10 mini pro. Is it because Sony Ericsson thought that the mini would be crippled due to the lack of a physical keyboard and hence opted for the technology to provide a better experience? No idea. Sony Ericsson do have a knack of taking strange decisions, this one being another addition to the list.

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