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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

◙ Top 10 Science Fiction movies ◙

In this list contains the some of the greatest Sci-Fi movies I have watched. Why I said ‘some of ‘ ? now I didn’t include most popular movies here, for examples , “The Terminator”,”Avatar”,”Star Wars” . Everybody knows them so there is no point of popularizing them again and again. I wanted to share movies about which most people have not heard . or so I assume. The list consists of movies which was released in 90’s to till date. enjoy them and please leave any suggestions , comments about this list.

10. Frequency (2000)


John Sullivan is a New York City police detective who is haunted by the death of his father 30 years ago in a warehouse fire. One night he finds his dad's old ham radio and begins playing around with it, precisely at the time that an atmospheric anomaly changes the frequency of the radio. John finds that somehow, he is able to communicate over the radio with his father Frank 30 years ago. He is able to warn Frank of his impending death so he avoids it, but in changing the past, other things also change. Suddenly Frank died of lung cancer, not in a fire. And suddenly, his mom was the victim of a serial killer years ago. Working together to change the past again and avoid this disastrous outcome, Frank and John communicate over the ham radio to save John's mother's life.


9. Cube (1997)


Seven people awake to find themselves in a cube-shaped room, with no memory of how they came to be there or of each other. Traped within the Cube, a grid of identical cubic rooms, the strangers struggle to understand the purpose of this enigmatic construction and its builders and to solve the puzzle that will lead them to the exit. As the group explores, they must contend with the dangers posed by their prison, rooms that hold traps, of a variety of lethal designs. Each member seems to have a skill needed to survive, but as the traps take their victims the chances for survival grow slimmer, and the group itsself becomes a threat, as the members grow suspicious that one of their number may be a traitor working for the architects of the cube.


   Cube 2: Hypercube (2002)
   Cube Zero (2004)

8. Equilibrium (2002)


This film is set in the future where wars & violence has sent the world into chaos. The government has decided that any type of emotion is wrong. Greed, anger, love & happiness, as well as all other emotions are to be suppressed by taking a medication provided by the government. Failure to do so is punished by death. Books, music & art have been outlawed as they could trigger emotion & having possession of them is punishable by death. The law is enforced by the Grammaton Clerics who are headed by John Preston (Christian Bale). His wife has been executed for being a sense offender & he is left with two children. Now he has missed his medication & is starting to feel emotions for the first time. His young son & his partner are begining to suspect him.


7. Minority Report (2002)


The movie “Minority Report” is a 2002 film set 50 years in the future. It is about a group of three beings known as “pre-cogs” because of their ability to predict who will commit crimes and when. The police department chief is John Anderton (Tom Cruise). Through the pre-cogs, he learns that he will be the perpetrator of a homicide and thus charged with murder. He believes he has been set-up, so he escapes to the home of the woman who created the pre-cogs. He learns from her that the three pre-cogs do not always agree on their predictions and throw away any report that does not agree with the majority. John believes that has happened in his case and tries to get the “minority report” showing his innocence.


6. Gattaca (1997)


In the future, most babies are genetically engineered. All babies, modified or not, are screened at birth to find any abnormalities, predict the length of their life, and assign them a future based on their genetics. In such a world, a naturally-born man with a genetic heart problem and bad eyes like Vincent Freeman (Ethan Hawke) would never be able to work at the highly-esteemed Gattaca Corporation. What Freeman lacks in "genetic perfection", however, he more than makes up for with determination. His dream is to go into space with the Gattaca Corporation, and he uses Jerome Morrow's (Jude Law) identity to help him accomplish it. Paralyzed in an accident, Morrow cannot earn on his own the benefits his genetics should afford him, so the two men work together to use Morrow's identity to get Freeman a job with Gattaca. Once inside the company, Freeman meets and falls for the beautiful Irene Cassini, complicating the already complex plan, already threatening to fall apart at every turn.




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