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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tab Utilities

Open Bookmarks/History/URL/Search in new tabs, and more utilities for tabbed browsing, including open tab next, focus unread/last selected tab, protect/lock/faviconize/pin tab, tab clicking options, open link with history, single window mode, etc.
Features include:
1. Open Bookmarks/History/URL/Search in new tabs: left-click/enter in new foreground tabs, middle-click in new background tabs, ctrl-click/alt-enter in current tab
2. Open new tabs next to current tab, Open duplicate tabs next to original tab
3. Reuse current/last/all blank tabs, Auto-close redundant blank tabs
4. Focus adjacent unread/last selected/last opened/left tab after closing current tab
5. Highlight current/unread tabs
6. Ctrl-Tab to navigate tabs in most recently used order, Ctrl-Left/Right Arrow in sequencial order
7. Undo Close Tab button
8. openAllInTab/loadAllInBackground/loadAllInForeground statusbar buttons
9. Tab clicking options, including left/middle/right/double/ctrl/alt/shift-click on tab/tab bar/new tab button
10. Duplicate/Protect/Lock/Faviconize/Hide/Pin Tab
11. Close Left/Right/ALL Tabs
12. Load URL from clipboard
13. Session history on tab
14. Open links/session history items with session history
15. Single window mode
16. New tab button hidden or left, Extra spaces on tab bar

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