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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The X10 Saga: Episode VI The Return of Multi-Touch

The ‘does it/doesn’t it?’ Sony Ericsson xperia X10 multi-touch saga has apparently taken yet another twist if a video posted on a Japanese site is anything to go by. The video shows a user using Google Maps on his X10 and to zoom into the map he uses a multi-touch gesture. The video is below, you can skip pretty much all of it, the interesting part is 6:50 into the video, right at the end. Now maybe I am seeing things (it is after all ten past four in the morning here), but that sure as hell looks like multi-touch. If that is the case then it would seem to reinforce the rumour that cropped up the other day on that the X10 did support multi-touch after all. There are two other possibilities though: i) it isn’t multi-touch at all, but something else (what though?) or ii) it is multi-touch, but only some X10s support it. Personally neither of those seem particularly plausible.

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