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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Using windows livewriter - setting up a blogger account

 Recently i needed to post source code snippets for posting inside a pre block is not that eye catching  , fortunately  for me someone had mentioned about Live writer in a blog post comment , Live writer was already installed in my system , it was easy to use as any other MS product (though I'm not a die hard MS fan, just being honest here) , It has tons of Add-ons to facilitate posting to a blog.

To setup your blog with Live writer

  1. Download and Install Windows Live writer
  2. Select From Tools menu -> Accounts...
  3. Click Add... button on the Top Right of the Dialog box or press Alt+D
  4. From the next Dialog box we are asked to select out blog service.. Select other blog service. and press next
  5. Easy .. enter your Site URL your E mail and password with which your blog is registered and click next..
  6. If everything is entered correctly Live Writer will connect to your blog and you can start posting by choosing File->New post.. 
  7. If the writer was unable to connect to your account most probably some typo is the case .. go back and correct them..
This is a video i made for posting a series of images clutter the post and make it lengthy.. :)

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