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Friday, April 30, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS released

A spanking new version of the Linux community favourite Ubuntu operating system has been released: 10.04, aka Lucid Lynx. This version is a "long term support" (LTS) release, meaning of course it will be around for quite a long time. 10.04 comes in standard, notebook and server editions, each free to all, naturally.
There's lots new this time around. First off, the look has been switched thanks to a colour palette swap (now based on purple, red and orange), new logos, icons, backgrounds and themes, a redone notification area, and a "pretty" design. Also, window controls now match OS X in that they're moved to the left instead of the right. Presumably a customization option will be available to switch this in some way or another for those that prefer otherwise.
Application-wise, there are new default selections like Simple Scan and the PiTiVi Movie Editor (currently very buggy). There's also an emphasis on social applications, with tools integrated into your desktop, allowing you to access your favourite networks efficiently. For instant messaging, Empathy now supports Facebook chat and adds multiple other features. Also, iPhone and iPod Touch support are now included, and cloud and sync service Ubuntu One is greatly improved.
Music lovers can now shop through the Ubuntu One Music Store with commercial, DRM-free releases with cloud support, while the updated Software Center is great for tool and game lovers -- providing a rich repository of freeware all in one location. Finally, file manager Nautilus has received significant upgrades which should make navigation that much more pleasant.

What’s new from UBUNTU 10.04 LTS:

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS RC includes the latest GNOME desktop environment with a number of great new features.

Linux kernel 2.6.32
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS RC includes the 2.6.32-21.32 kernel based on

KDE SC 4.4
Kubuntu 10.04 LTS RC features the new KDE SC 4.4. For more information about new features in Kubuntu, see the Kubuntu technical overview.

HAL removal
This release fully removes HAL from the boot process, making Ubuntu faster to boot and faster to resume from suspend.

Major new version of likewise-open
The likewise-open package, which provides Active Directory authentication and server support for Linux, has been updated to version 5.4. The package supports upgrades from both the officially supported versions 4.0 (Ubuntu 8.04 LTS) and 4.1 (Ubuntu 9.10), as well as the likewise-open5 packages from universe.
Since this upgrade involves a lot of configuration file changes and in-place database upgrades, testing and feedback is appreciated.

New default open source driver for nVidia hardware

The Nouveau video driver is now the default for nVidia hardware. This driver provides kernel mode setting, which will give improved resolution detection. This driver provides hardware accelerated 2D functionality, like the -nv driver it replaces. The nouveau driver is being actively developed upstream and we anticipate this will enable faster bug fixes for problems encountered.

Improved support for nVidia proprietary graphics drivers
Three different NVIDIA proprietary drivers are currently available: nvidia-current (190.53), nvidia-173, and nvidia-96. Thanks to a new alternatives system, it is now possible to install all three of these packages at the same time (although it is only possible to have one configured for use at a time).

Social from the Start
We now feature built-in integration with Twitter,, Facebook, and other social networks with the MeMenu in the panel, which is built upon the Gwibber project, which has a completely new, more reliable backend built on top of desktopcouch. Gwibber now also supports a multi-column view for monitoring multiple feeds simultaneously.

New boot experience
Multiple changes to look, feel and speed of the boot experience have been included in the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Release Candidate.

New Indicators
The notification area now features more consistent user experience and design for communication, session management, and many other tasks. See the application indicators page for information on this change.

New Themes
The desktop has been beautified with the addition of two brand new themes, Ambiance and Radiance. New wallpaper and icons are also included.

Ubuntu One File Syncing
Select any folder in your home directory for sync, pick from your existing contacts when sharing folders. An updated preferences application has been added, with more features.

Ubuntu One Music Store
Millions of songs are available for purchase from your Ubuntu desktop, integrated with the Rhythmbox Music Player and using Ubuntu One cloud storage for backup and easy sync.

New features for Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC)
The Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud installer has been vastly improved in order to support alternative installation topologies. UEC components are now automatically discovered and registered, including for complex topologies. Finally, UEC is now powered by Eucalyptus 1.6.2 codebase.

Security Issue when upgrading from Lucid Alpha 2
If you installed Lucid prior to Alpha 3, you may have libmysqlclient16 7.0.9-1 installed. This package was present in the Ubuntu archive by mistake and was retracted, but because it has a later version number than the real libmysqlclient16 package, the real package will not be installed automatically on upgrade. To ensure that you have the official package installed on your Lucid system and will receive security support for it throughout Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, it is important that you run sudo apt-get install libmysqlclient16/lucid and follow the instructions.


File Size = 700MB (x86 and x64 editions)

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