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Friday, April 16, 2010

iPhone HD/iPhone 4G to be release in June

As far as rumored specs are concerned: we’re hoping to see a larger, higher-resolution display (940×640), upgraded camera with LED flash, video calling, RFID integration, a front-facing camera, and possibly an Apple A4 processor (the same processor powering the iPad) under the hood. We might even see the iPhone 4G packing some sort of solar-power technology as well as support for 802.11n WiFi. Of course, we’re expecting Apple to bring the iPhone design aesthetic in line with the rest of their product lineup – brushed aluminum unibody construction, like the iPad/iMac/Macbook Pro.

We’ll have to wait for official confirmation from Apple as far as where and when they decide to take the wraps off the new iPhone. With the iPad still making headway into the US market and the buzz around iPhone OS 4.0 still going strong, we’ll probably have to wait it out a couple more months before Apple gets official on the iPhone HD/4G.


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