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Monday, April 19, 2010

How to Choose a Web Browser

What is a Web Browser?
A Web browser is the software that lets you access the Web.The browser you use can make a huge difference in how you experience the Internet, so being able to choose a browser is important.
How to Choose a Web Browser?
Does your browser display all the sites you want to visit? When Web pages aren’t working with a browser you’ll notice missing text, images or functionality. Pay attention to how sites look and perform—if things aren't that great, try using another browser.

Can you customize the browser to your individual preferences?
Many browsers let you change the way they look or even make functional adjustments. Some browsers let you block ads, or secure your computer from malicious programs. Explore browser customization options before making your choice. 

Does your browser respect your privacy?
As you browse the Web you develop browsing history, a record of all the sites you visit. Some browsers let you turn this data collection o . Other browsers may set things up to access and use your browsing history when you're using their software. Read your browser's privacy policy to find out more about how personal data is handled.

Is your browser secure?
The Internet is a place most of us shop, bank and share information regularly. But using the Web can expose you to viruses, scams and other online security threats, so it's good to have a browser that provides protection against these things. Some browsers are more devoted to building software and options that optimize security than others. Familiarize yourself with your browser's security features. 

Can you easily manage your browsing data?
It's hard to remember passwords for all the sites you visit, let alone the address of a site you saw weeks ago. Many browsers have features to help you keep organized and on track.

How does your browser perform?
The speed at which a Web page loads is one measurement of browser performance. Some browsers require more of your computer’s memory or crash more frequently than others. To evaluate browser performance, visit the same site using di erent browsers and see which one feels best to you. 

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