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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Top Greasmonkey scripts for facebook- for Firefox users

If you have not heard about greasemonkey firefox Add-on already go ahead and  download/install it..script community feels the same way and has come up with hundreds of scripts to improve your user experience.

The scripts allow you to change colors, remove ads, automate repetitive tasks in applications and a whole slew of other improvements. Try out these more than 10 great scripts to use Facebook the way you want to.

  • Auto-Colorizer – An interesting script that analyzes the default image for any profile you visit and adjusts the color scheme of the page to match it. Also works on photos, events & group pages
  • Facebook App Faviconizer – If you open your apps in separate tabs, this will replace the Facebook favicon with the one used by each application so you can more quickly identify what is in each window.

  •  Facebook Highlight Birthdays – With all of the info on your homepage, it can be easy to overlook the birthday notices.  This script will highlight them for easier spotting.
  • Facebook Image Download Helper – This script will allow you to use a Firefox extension like DownThemAll! to download all of the images on a page in Facebook.
  • Facebook Video – This script will not only give you the ability to download videos hosted on Facebook and convert them, but it will also provide you with the option of embedding the videos on other sites.  It is also available as a stand-alone Firefox extension.
  • Facebook View Photo in Album – A powerful script that allows you to view the photo albums of people you aren’t friends with, and it also gives you the ability to see a person’s pictures no matter who took them.
  • inYOf4ceBook – Tired of squinting at thumbnail images of people in search, thinking they kinda look like the person you meant to find?  inYOf4ceBook will let you place your mouse over the image and see a large view of it so you can actually tell who you are looking at.
  • New Facebook Layout Adjuster – Allows you to remove ads, sidebar and more to make a smoother looking version of the new Facebook.
  • Remove Facebook Ads – As the name implies, this script removes all of the various ads that show up around Facebook such as banner ads, sponsored news items and so on.
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