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Sunday, May 26, 2013

JStockCharts Update : Stock Charts Comparison Tool & Mass Index Indicator

Stock Charts Comparison Tool

Comparison Tool  rendered on a 19" widescreen monitor
Stocks (Counters) Comparison tool is the latest addition to JStockCharts and of which I'm really proud of presenting to my users. The knowledge/experience I gained coding this tool is enormous and Even I'm genuinely thrilled to write this blogpost about it.
             Essentially , using this tool users can select up to 06 shares , select a specific chart type/indicator , select a specific period and draw charts for them separately as depicted in the screenshot, this shall be usefull when it comes to observe sector wise trends and I intend to improvise this tool more by letting users to save selections in persistent state so that they can be observed time to time, as is the case of ever changing stock market.
               Actually there is no theoretical limitation to the number of shares that can be compared, but I have put up this limitation of 06 counters to render charts more clearly on single monitor systems, I'm afraid most people use notebook computers hence even 06 charts wouldn't be clearly analyzable. Feel free to try this an new ideas and suggestions are always welcome and would be highly appreciated.

New Indicator : Mass Index

Developed by Donald Dorsey, the Mass Index uses the high-low range to identify trend reversals based on range expansions. In this sense, the Mass Index is a volatility indicator that does not have a directional bias. Instead, the Mass Index identifies range bulges that can foreshadow a reversal of the current trend.

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