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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Profit_Loss Calculator major UI Update


Profit&Loss calculator has been undergone a rapid update schedule these days and today I modified the structure of the program entirely to facilitate better user experience and versatility. and furthermore on the script I have added Interest calculation feature to cater more accurate cost calculation but of course I made those fields optional so that you may leave them blank. more updates can be anticipated on this week.
                 On this week I added a simple but useful feature. as you know orders aren’t always filled in full quantities for an example if we place a sell order for some 1000 shares this quantity may get executed by parts of 100,500,233,…etc so In such events you don’t need to calculate how many shares have been sold separately. In the sell quantity text fields just enter the quantities separated by ‘+’ operator and the total sold quantity will be calculated on the fly.  (see the image below)
Untitled-1 copy

Furthermore I have added profit calculation and Quantity calculation features. which facilitates investor and alike to make their trading experiences more fruitful. More updates are coming up. Enjoy folks. Happy trading.

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